Serial colors

coal COL001

Metal colors



You’re making the frame, how you like it.
Bespoke and in your style.

Based on your facial anatomy, we manufacture your very own custom frames in one of our custom colors. Choose metal and lens colors according to your taste. We also laser your name or wish to the universe in the temple. Would you like to replace your temples with custom sports temples for better support during sports? Go for it with frames from the VOYOU collection. Most of our frames can also be made with titanium nose pads.

How to customize

Custom colors

coal COL001

We offer 8 custom colors for a Klenze & Baum custom frame.


KLENZE & BAUM frames are lasered from the finest polyamide powder. This 3D-printing process creates ultra-light, very flexible and resistant frames, layer by layer.


frame width120 mm125 mm
lens width42 mm44 mm
distance btw. lenses20 mm20 mm
temple length152 mm152 mm
base curve44
lense height39 mm41 mm
weight7 g7 g