The next
of 3D printing

KLENZE & BAUM is the sun lotion on the Maldives, feared opponent of bad luck, new old love, the reset button of reality, dawn after partying all night, make-up sex in a swimming pool changing room, the courage to do what was forbidden when you were young, and a Munich eyewear manufacturer in the heart of Munich’s Glockenbachviertel situated at the corner of two streets – Klenze Street and Baum Street.

Here we produce 3D-printed, custom made frames that are so robust that we offer a 5 year warranty on the hinges of our collections VOYOU and SUMO. Say goodbye to frames that break at the slightest impact and hello to fearless life.

We as a manufacturer are dedicated to create products with great longevity. By doing so, we are setting an example for sustainability and against the throwaway society. We are thoroughly dedicated to the idea of Slow Fashion: 

„Buy less, choose well, make it last.“

Aurélien Mierswa

Born in Mannheim in 1980, Aurélien spent a significant part of his youth not only repairing bicycles, skateboards and snowboards, but also building them himself. Equipped with such designer skills, this could only lead to a degree in product design, which he completed at the art academy in Stuttgart. It was there that he first encountered 3D printing – which was still in its infancy – in 2003. His enthusiasm for any means of transport led him to a job at Boards & More after completing his studies, where he was in charge of development. Since he had been wearing glasses from a young age, it was only a matter of time before he turned to optics with his urge to improve the world of technology. After years of preparatory work, he founded the eyewear manufactory VOYOU with Stefan in 2017, which has been named KLENZE & BAUM since 2019.

Stefan Roesinger

Born in Munich in 1976, Stefan spent his youth like Aurélien in Mannheim, where the two met. He also studied at the art academy in Stuttgart and earned his Master degree of Fine Arts as well as a diploma in communication design. Subsequently, he spent several years as art director at the Jung von Matt advertising agency in Stuttgart and most recently with an independent agency in Munich. Both, Aurélien and Stefan have always had the desire to create a unique product and make it successful. Since 2016, Stefan has been living out his passion for photography, photo collages with a hundred layers, graphic design, texts and films at KLENZE & BAUM.