Customizing is the supreme discipline of the eyewear craft. KLENZE & BAUM takes on this challenge with its own way of individualization, which turns serial frames into unique pieces. Our VOYOU and SUMO collections can be customized with our specially developed measuring frame. In addition to the anatomical dimensions, all colors of frames, lenses and hinges can also be adjusted.

There are two levels for customization: Plus and Custom frames.

Plus Frames


If you do not like the hinge or lens color of one of our serial frames, you can change it without extra charge. Just choose the color that suits your style. Then you get a so-called Plus Frame.

Hinge colors

Choose from 5 hinge colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Rainbow.

Sunglasses colors

In addition, you can choose freely from 13 lens colors for sunglasses. We exclusively use high-quality anti-reflective lenses with special hard coating and UV protection.

Custom Frames


If any of our serial models should not fit perfectly, the client can benefit from our measuring frame. With its help, the optician will determine the client’s exact anatomical measurements. These are transferred into a 3D program. All the important parameters of our frames such as frame width, temple length, nose width, inclination and base curve, can be changed. In this way, standard glasses become individually and perfectly fitted unica.

Choose a frame

Decide on a model from our series collections and customizing can begin.

Measuring frame

The measuring frame makes it possible for the optician to fully exert his craftmanship. The measuring frame shows its advantages especially with ears of different heights: It can be used to realize different inclinations.

Custom colors

We offer 10 custom colors to choose from.

Hinge colors

Choose from 5 hinge colors.

Sunglasses lenses

13 lenses are available.

Individual laser text

With custom or plus frames, you can choose an individual text with up two 24 characters lasered on your temple.


VOYOU and SUMO frames can be provided with nosepads.


Your exact anatomical values ​​are transferred to a digital 3D program to produce the customized frame. Your KLENZE & BAUM frame is lasered from the finest polyamide powder. Through this 3D-printing process an ultra-light, very flexible and resistant frame is created layer by layer. Afterwards, it is polished to smooth the surface. Then comes the consistent coloring of the frame.