Customizing ist die Königsdiziplin des Brillenhandwerks. KLENZE & BAUM nimmt sich dieser Herausforderung an mit einem eigenen Weg der Individualisierung, der aus Serienbrillen Unikate macht. Unsere Kollektionen VOYOU und SUMO lassen sich durch unsere eigens entwickelte Maßnehmebrille customizen. Es lassen sich neben den anatomischen Maßen auch sämtliche Farben von Fasssungen, Gläsern und Gelenken angepasst werden.

Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten der Individualisierung: Plus- und Custombrillen.

Plus Frames


With a VOYOU or CUSTOM frame you have a lot of options: 47 serial models with predefined colors for frame, hinge and lenses. If you like the frame color of a serial frame, but not the hinge color, you can change the hinge color. Then you get a so-called plus frame.

Hinge colors

Choose from five hinge colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Rainbow.

Sunglasses colors

In addition, 13 lens colors can be freely selected for Plus sunglasses.We exclusively use high-value anti-refelective lenses with special hard coating and UV protection.

Custom Frames

The perfect fit

If any of our serial models should not fit perfectly, the client can benefit from our measuring frame. With ist help, the optician will determine the client’s exact anatomical measurements. All the important parameters of our frames such as frame width, temple length, nose width, inclination and base curve, can be changed. In this way, standard glasses become individually and perfectly fitted unica.

Choose a frame

The basis of a custom version is always a serial frame and its size information.

The measuring frame

The measuring frame makes it possible for the optician to fully exert his craftmanship. The measuring frame shows its advantages especially with ears of different heights: Thanks to them, different inclinations can be produced.

Custom colors

We offer 8 custom colors to choose from.

Hinge colors

Choose from 5 hinge colors.

Sunglasses lenses

13 lenses are available.

Individual laser text

Bei Custombrillen kannst du dir einen persönlichen Text von bis zu 24 Zeichen in den Bügel lasern lassen.


VOYOU and SUMO frames can be provided with nosepads.


The exact anatomical values ​​are transferred to a digital 3D program to produce the customized frame. Your KLENZE & BAUM frame is lasered from the finest polyamide powder. Through this 3D-printing process ultra-light, very flexible and resistant frames are created layer by layer without limitation to their design. Afterwards, the frame is polished to smooth the surface. Then comes the consistent coloring of the frame.