Do you remember the future? It never came just like that. We made it. Time to go outside. Like reality, the first step; hate doubt. Stroll about to catch ideas, photograph lightnings, swim with sharks and be weightless. Transcend boundaries you have not even been aware of. We have the technology for that.


The patented ball hinge of the collections VOYOU and SUMO has a unique function: It enables the temple to yield or even dislocate if overstressed.


The screwless hinge is not only an optical highlight: If a temple is dislocated due to overstress, it can effortlessly be reattached within seconds. Exchanging temples couldn’t be easier.


To be different or to adjust? With us, one is only possible through the other. For an individual adjustment of the frame, the optician uses our measuring frame, which is unique in the world. All the important parameters of our frames such as frame width, temple length, nose width, inclination and base curve can be changed. If a series model does not fit perfectly, the measuring frame is a tried and tested tool to directly determine the optimal parameters directly on the customer.
The measuring frame shows its advantages especially with ears of different heights: It can be used to realize different inclinations. Finally, the frame is 3D printed from the finest polyamide powder.

A metal
core inside

To adjust the temple of our frames you don’t require nerves of steel. With the world’s first technique for 3D printed eyewear to be adjusted with a metal insert in the temple, it can be fitted to a face, just like conventional acetate glasses. Now the frame fits per perfectly on the head. In addition, the temple can be bent behind the ear.

The perfect mix

Titanium meets polyamide. Superlight meets superstrong. Ultrathin meets ultraflexible. The new ASKET collection offers the perfect mix of opposites.

Light metal

The ASKET collection includes four titanium colors. The temple ends are 3D printed and match the front. The weight of the frames is surprisingly low.


Frames of the VOYOU & SUMO collection are now also available with nose pads. Always matching the color of the hinge.


KLENZE & BAUM goes sports! Our eyewear can be provided with exchangeable sport temples thanks to the hinges. The flexible end goes around the whole ear and ensures perfect grip for an optimal sport experience. To determine the right length of the sport temples, the optician uses an adjustable measuring temple, which is attached to the original frame. Afterwards, the sport temples can be produced individually for the client.

Hollow printed
SUMO collection

Our SUMO collection is hollow printed and has surprisingly little weight. The possibilities of 3D printing are optimally exploited here and lead to outstanding wearing comfort for such voluminous glasses.

Attitude made
in Germany

Since our glasses are 3D printed on demand in Germany, we avoid long transport journeys. We counteract the overproduction common in the eyewear industry by producing smaller batches with 3D printing right through to custom production. The idea of sustainability also applies to our hinge: Due to the integrated overstress protection, VOYOU & SUMO frames are almost indestructible.